What is laser toning?

Laser toning is a quick way to combat all your pigmentation issues, brighten your skin tone and improve the texture. It is used to correct pigmentation secondary to melasma, tanning, freckles etc. It is also used for correcting fine lines, uneven skin tone and tightening of the skin and for open pores. It improves the texture of your skin so well that it appears soft, subtle and bright. The skin starts glowing and shines instantly.  

How does laser toning work?

The procedure involves penetration of laser beams of Q Switched Nd: YAG on to the inner layers of skin which leads to decrease in melanin pigment present in the skin to remove blemishes, improve skin tone as well as uneven texture. 

Is laser toning safe?

It is a safe, effective and painless lunchtime procedure though you may feel a sensation of heat when the laser handpiece hovers over the skin following the procedure. Laser toning is a non-ablative treatment, thereby causing no damage to the skin and it has no downtime, and no topical anaesthesia is required. There are no short or long- term side effects associated with it 

What is the procedure of laser toning?

The skin is cleaned with a cleanser. A very mild pricking sensation may be felt by you and may feel mild warmth after the procedure. It is not only used for the face but also to decrease the pigmentation from other body sites.  The procedure is popular in brides to be. After the procedure, mask and a soothing gel are applied. At last, sunscreen is applied. 

Is laser toning permanent?

It can be used anywhere on the face and body and requires only about 3 to 5 sessions of treatment following which maintenance treatment with sunscreen and depigmenting agents should be continued to prevent a recurrence. The sessions can be repeated at an interval of 2-3 weeks. 

How effective is laser toning for stubborn pigmentation like melasma?

Laser toning is found to be effective in the treatment of melasma. It can effectively reduce the size, homogeneity, and pigmentation of melasma lesions. Various studies in the past few years confirmed these findings. [1-4] These studies showed an improvement of 50- 70% in most individuals after 5-6 sessions. 

What are the other uses of laser toning?

It is also used to treat wrinkles, and fine lines as laser beams which penetrate inner layers of skin enable your skin to produce more collagen, which in turn lends elasticity and softness to your skin and reduce the size of open pores. Collagen production enhances your look by erasing wrinkles and fine lines. It induces a youthful and attractive look to your skin. Additionally, your skin appears much softer and has a more youthful glow. 


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By Dr Gargi Taneja and Dr Prateek Sondhi

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