Many post-menopausal women experience lots of symptoms like vaginal dryness, discomfort, itching, burning, dryness, discomfort, or pain with sexual intercourse as well as increased urinary frequency. It is due to a lack of an essential hormone after menopause known as oestrogen. Oestrogen is vital to maintain vaginal health and keep it wet by causing vaginal secretions. Loss of oestrogen as in post-menopausal, can cause thinning(atrophy) of vagina, dryness, itching, pain, and it also increases the risk of urinary and vaginal infections. 

What is vaginal laser rejuvenation?

Vaginal laser therapy is a lunchtime, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal laser vaginal procedure which stimulates new collagen production in the vagina. Lumenis, the leading company for aesthetic medical laser has developed FemTouch laser (available @Derma Circles, New Delhi) which causes an increase in blood supply, hydration, and thus new collagen deposition as well as remodelling of the vagina. 

How many sessions of FemTouch are required?

About 2-4 treatments of 10 minutes per session are needed to achieve the desired outcome on the vaginal lining. Sessions are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Clinical trials have shown that women who underwent Fractional CO 2 laser treatment (Lumenis FemTouch) improved symptoms associated with vulvovaginal atrophy like itching, burning, painful sexual intercourse, stress and urge urinary incontinence, sexual functioning and overall QoL. These women reported that they were ‘very satisfied or satisfied’ with the treatment.[1]  Also, the effects were sustained over the long-term.[2]

What are the other uses of Fem Touch?

FemTouch can also be used to tighten the vaginal opening, reduce the size of the labia majora (outer lips), and possibly decrease dark pigmentation of the labia minora (inner lips) and labia majora. Also, it is used for the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections and stress incontinence in post-menopausal women. 

Who is Suitable for FemTouch?

FemTouch is suitable for premenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women, from as young as 20, up to 70, or even 80 years old who are looking forward to improving their vaginal health.

Do I need vaginal treatment?

Women, especially menopausal and after childbirth, start noticing symptoms related to their vaginal health that affects the quality of their life and lifestyle.


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If you have any queries regarding Lumenis FemTouch, contact us today at 8000-4000-82. 

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