Glabella is a smooth prominence most marked in males, on the forehead above the root of the nose.

Glabellar complex refers to a group of the brow-associated muscles that function primarily for facial expression. These muscles help to lower the eyebrows.

Glabellar lines formation 

Vertical glabellar frown lines arise naturally from the repeated activity of the muscles of this complex. These muscles cause decent of medial eyebrows and depression of surrounding tissue. These hyper functional lines are implicated in the multifarious facial expressions such as fatigue, quizzical, and mistakenly at times, anger. Sometimes, we do not even know that we make so many expressions and use these muscles so much that with time these muscles fibres remain contracted and form static (permanent) lines.  So, it is important to see our expressions in mirror so that we know what expressions we make and adjust our expressions accordingly. 

Types of frown lines

The frown pattern can vary significantly in individuals. 

Frown Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or oblique and the exact frown pattern depends on which facial muscles are contracting the strongest. There are 5 main different patterns of Frown Lines that have been identified:

  1. “V” most common seen in 37%
  1. “U” second most common present in 27%
  1. “Converging Arrows” seen in 20%
  1. “Omega” pattern seen in 10%
  1. “Inverted Omega” least frequent seen in 6%

Glabellar rhytids (wrinkles) appear deep due to the thick skin of the glabella compared to the crows’ feet (wrinkles at the lateral end of the eyes). 

Treatment options 

Glabellar lines treatment options include to control your expressions so that the muscles do not contract much. Nowadays, botulinum toxins are injected to hide glabellar rhytides for aesthetic purposes. Before that surgery was the only option to decrease muscle mass and lines. The first area to receive cosmetic treatment with botulinum toxin injection was the glabella. 

It is done to decrease the mass of the glabellar musculature during a brow lift, and to decrease glabellar furrowing. 

With glabellar injections, it is important to treat surprise lines and crow’s feet for a complete aesthetic look.  

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